Knowing these secrets will make you understand the Benefits of Digital business cards or Mini-Website.

We know Traditional Paper visiting cards, After Digital India everything has altered into digitalization. Digital Business Card or Digital Visiting Card or Mini website come into the limelight, These digital business cards play an important role in the frame of adopting technology in business to identify potential customers.

These digital business cards are developed for Desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

We know that every person accesses mobile, and spends the maximum time on social media platforms.

The digital card has combined plenty of interactive options to share information on social media.

Mostly contactless transactions are fancied in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. It results in huge usage of digital business cards.

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is an innovative file format that contains fundamental information about you and your organization.

In another word, Digital Business cards or Digital Visiting Cards are cards carrying business information about a company or an individual.

These Digital business cards are incorporated with these elements like,

Social Media Platform Links

Products & Services

Payment Details

Image Gallery

YouTube Video links

Customer Feedback Form and

Inquiry Form

Digital Business cards are suitable to whom?

These Business Cards are fit for All types of Business Owners (small, medium, large) & Entrepreneurs – who generally share their paper visiting cards to share their particular and business contact details and business information, etc.,

The digital business cards are the best choice Skill oriented professionals like Architect, Artist, Business Consultants,  Carpenter, Charted Account, Digital Marketer, Domestic Services, Electrician, Insurance Advisor,  Plumber, Real Estate Agent, etc.,

Let’s see in-depth:

Do you want to influence your likely customer with intelligent and elegant interactive business cards to sell your products and services?

A digital business card will help you to send your message to your customer in the most prominent manner.

How do I get a Digital Business cards?

Lyki Digital business cards are the best digital business card that provides you features like listings to view, contact information, and even Google maps Directions for viewings. As they are not discoverable online, so the information will be private to those you share.

Best Features of Lyki Digital Business Card:-

The article shows the in detail information for the Digital Business card. You will get full knowledge about Digital Visiting cards as a mini website.

1. Create your Card

•        Design your digital card in just 2 minutes

2. Save to your Device

• Digital card is definitely accessible anytime and from anywhere

3. Share with friends and colleagues

•        You can share it with your friends Through a variety of channels

Beneficial for:-

1.      Businessman’s (Small, Medium, Large Scale): Businessman who calls and/or meets potential clients personally to get business.

2.      Sales Professionals: with this card Sales Professionals and Sales Executives can provide offers and take full advantage of this.

3.      Software & IT: Web Designers, Digital and Social Media Marketers, Freelancers, Part-time Jobbers easily connect business people through this medium.

4.      Marketing Agencies: Advertising group, Branding organization, newspaper, and Media Houses.

5.      Consultants: Architect, Interior Designers, Finance and Charted Accountants

6.      Events and Travels: Professionals from Event Management, Tours, and Travel Agencies or Companies.

7.      Finance & Realtors: Digital business cards for Realtors help them to grow their network faster and more efficiently.

8.      Education & Training: Corporate Trainers, Educational Workshops, HR Consultants and Teachers, Tutors, Coaching Centers, Study Circles.

9.      Health and Beauty: digital business card is the perfect marketing tool for Gym, Beautician, Salon, Dietician, & Dance Professionals.

Our Lyki digital business card platform makes designing a Business card simple, handy, and reliable.

you can customize card of your need in Just 2 minutes

This digital business card is Smart, graceful & Pocket friendly.

A digital business card is always in your pocket, never tears, and never runs out.

Your digital visiting card can be easily updated

Outstanding Features of Digital Business Card:

•        Share cards with anyone, anytime, Unlimited times

•        Easily Update card Unlimited times.

•        Ecommerce Online Store

•        Profile Photo

•        Select design from available templates

•        5 Products or Services

•        10 Photos in Gallery

•        Social Media Links

•        5 Videos in YouTube Video Gallery

•        Products with images.

•        Payment Section

•        Contact Form Included

One Business Card, Endless Possibilities

  1. Single-Click Call: To make a call through your phone
  2. Single -Click WhatsApp: Send a message without saving number in your contacts
  3. Single Click Email: Send an email, to know more about a product or service with a single click
  4. Single  Navigate: This option allows the customer to get location and navigate through google maps.
  5. Easy Add to Contacts option: Allows customers to save the contact.
  6. Connectivity to Website & Social Links: This is a very powerful and innovative option to share all popular social media links with customers.
  7. Unlimited sharing: This option allows to customer to refer products and services with his friends
  8. E-commerce Store:  Listed/added products are sold by the online store.
  9. Easy To Update: Changes are updated anytime, anywhere.
  10. Photo Gallery option: We can add photographs of Products or Services.
  11. YouTube Video Gallery: 5 YouTube links are added.
  12. Payment Section: In the payment section, we add Paytm, PhonePe Number, and QR Codes

Are you a Businessperson, or a profession-specified specialist? Expand up your business with a world-class designed business card at a low price..!

The article shows the in detail information for the Digital Business cards. this will tell you in depth details about features and benefits of digital cards.

It provides a union of design skill and technological expertise, allows us to advise you on the best options, and deliver to the highest creative standards. You can create your business card with a free 7-day trial.

After reading this still, you are inquisitive to know, Visit our website LYKI Digital business card.

You can also watch this video to know how Lyki Digital Business card works.

You can also check out more features here Lyki business card features

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