Read this blog to discover 5 Reasons why digital business cards are the perfect marketing tool for beauty salons, hairstylists, and makeup artists

1. Stand out from the Crowd

Digital business cards are very simple to create. A digital business card for salon gives you the power to encourage your entire digital path from one location- it is providing you a stage through which you can impress your clients and your skills and define how digitally updated you are.

You can upload your logo and add your photographs in the gallery to showcase examples of your work, include your location, timings, salon hygienic condition. It also builds your portfolio and drives traffic to your website or social media channels.

2. Boost your Engagement

this blog will give you information about digital business card for salon. how digital business card will help to boost your salon business.

We don’t have an idea how long Lockdown will persist. But you can assure that your customers are going to be looking forward to getting their grooming for example hair cut, coloring, shaving is done from you whenever the lockdown lifted.

Want to make sure that you’re in their minds when it is booking for the appointment after unlock? Lyki business card will do just that for you.

The other amazing thing about the business card for a salon is it is easy to share You can share a digital business card with WhatsApp without saving the contact and customer can connect with you using the channel of their choice.

A digital business card for salon helps to build your network and to give you the tools to target a genuinely interested new potential customer.

3. Showcase your Skills, Services, and Offers

The gallery section of Lyki business cards could have been created for a make-up artist, hairdressers, and barbers. In the gallery section, you can upload up to 20 photographs of your work- it showcases your work which can impress your clients.

In the about section, you can use to provide details of the services you deliver. If you are running an offer or promotion you can use your digital business card for salon to showcase that too.

Lyki business card has a fantastic video and blog which tell you how to create your business card

4. Save time & Money

this blog will teach you eminent ways how digital business card for salon help you boost your business. also how lyki business card helps you to save your money and time.

With Lyki business card you don’t need to hang up for costly (and time-consuming) printouts. Instead, just use the dashboard to bring up to date your card for free, whenever your details alter or you have something fresh to put in.

Plus, if you’re a salon owner and your team member moves on you don’t need to buy a new card every time. Simply reassign the card to your new employee free of cost.

5. Environment Friendly

this blog will give you information about digital business card for salon is environment friendly.
also how digital business card will help you to boost your business

Traditional business cards are indefensible. Going digital showcases to the world that you be concerned about the future of the planet – reducing your carbon footprint while boosting your green credentials.

 ‘Lyki digital business cards are an extremely effective marketing tool for Professional salon owners and hairdressers alike. Put simply Lyki digital business cards set you apart from the competition – and give you the power to create a buzz about your business.

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You can also watch this video to understand how Lyki Digital Business card works.

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